3 Thieves In The Night

What would you do if in the middle of the night, someone came to your house to steal your stuff…your food?  What if they came and walked all around like your things were just entitled to them and took what ever they wanted?

Well with a string of burglaries recently in the area and the topic of gun control that plasters ever social site and news site, this is a topic the farmer and I find ourselves talking about fairly often.  What if?  Well…safe to say, we have always said if someone came to rob us in the middle of the night, they would soon find, that they picked the wrong house.  (use your imagination)

So what happened when we started seeing tracks in our yard?  Tracks in the snow, walking right up our driveway and right next to our house.  We investigated and kept a watchful eye, just like anyone else would do that was protecting their home, family and possessions.

Tracks in the snow

And then one morning in the early hours I saw them!  Actually, I only saw the boldest one at first.  I quietly alerted the farmer.  He was being caught in action and I didn’t want to take the chance that he would hear me and run.

As the farmer came down the stairs we looked back out to access the situation.  And out of the shadows of the woods I saw two more thieves! Three of them…all making their way right to our house.  Right in our yard!

So I did what any good farm wife would do.  I SHOT THEM! 

Thief #1

With the camera.  And here they are.  One by one, they made their way to our pigs area to eat from the grain bin.

Thief #2 and #3

OK.  These thieves got off easy.  And we actually will be blessed if we catch them in the act again.

The whole gang
Mug shot of #1

We are thankful that we have such issues out here in the country.  We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Be blessed – Staci


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