The Sweet Smell Of…. Home Made Deodorant

One of the things I have been wanting to make for some time is deodorant. It is also one of those things where when one of us would run out, I didn’t have the time or the supplies to try it.  BUT…recently, the timing worked out.

The farmer and I are both concerned with the food choices we make and along with that, the products that we put on our body.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body and yet, many of us think nothing of smearing, spraying or rubbing in concoctions that are made up of all kinds of nasty chemicals.  Where do you suppose those chemicals end up?

So with that being said, we were recently dangerously close to the end of the deodorant tube, I decided now was the time.  I searched for a recipe for home made deodorant that has very few ingredients. That’s how I like to roll! If I find a recipe for something that has just a few ingredients, I can add more if I care too, or if not, just be happy with a simple and easy recipe.

If you are interested in giving home made deodorant a shot, I would encourage you to try this one.  It is simple, easy to make, most ingredients you may already have and the best part….IT WORKS!!

Imagine, using products that all say 100%!

If in the future you get all wild and crazy and want to try some more elaborate recipes, you will at least have the basics down.  Keep in mind this recipe is for Deodorant NOT Antiperspirant.


2 Tablespoons Baking Soda

6 Tablespoons Cornstarch

2-3 Tablespoons unrefined Coconut Oil

10-20 drops Essential Oil

10-20 drops Tea Tree Oil

1 empty, washed and dried deodorant container

Mix the two dry ingredients in a small bowl, warm your coconut oil (any way you like) until it is liquid or almost. Mix the coconut oil into the dry mixture.  Then add your drops of Tea Tree Oil and Essential Oil.  Mix well and then spoon into an old washed and dried deodorant tube* or use another container of your choice.  

***This recipe filled the old deodorant tube and there was some left over, so I put it in a jar and just use my fingers to apply. 

I skipped the Essential Oil because I wanted to experiment with just the basics.  I happen to like the scent of Tea Tree Oil and it does not make the farmer smell like a girl, so he is cool with it too!  In the future, just for fun, I will add some essential oil and see what I like best.

Take a look at the back of this old tube that I re-used.  If I were to make a label for our home made deodorant, there would be 4 natural ingredients listed and NO WARNINGS!

I will say, it is winter and today was actually the first warm day.  I can see that allowing your arm pits to perspire (like  is something that will take some getting used to.  (most of us are just accustomed to a dry – unhealthy pit)  But for us it is worth it!  Any little thing we can do to help our bodies function the way they should and be healthy is a good idea in our book.

If you are brave and try it out or if you have in the past; leave a note in the comment section.  We would love to hear your thoughts on home made deodorant and what your experiences were.  Until then – Be blessed, Staci


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