My Favorite, Fun, Entertaining & Homesteading You-Tube Channels

OK…I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I love, love, love learning all kinds of new things from other people.  I also absolutely love seeing other parts of this beautiful country and the way people live without leaving our home in Maine.  I have also found that there are some really funny and real people out there that are sharing their lives for the world to see.  Most of these people are trying to help support their families through You-tube.  So I thought, “Hey, I love watching these channels.”  “It doesn’t cost anything to watch.” “And…every-time someone new watches, subscribes or gives a thumbs up, these people some how make money.”  I don’t get how that works, but I say “Good for them!”

So if you find yourself looking to learn some more about homesteading, country living, large family living, etc, maybe some of these channels would be worth a look.  I’ll put the links up with a brief description of what I like the best about them.


The Happy Place Homestead

The Happy Place Homestead is the latest channel I have come across.  This family is new to homesteading and new to You-tubing.  But let me tell you that the father in this is a hoot!  And the mother…she is real.

canning peppers 008

Starry Hilder

Starry Hilder is just FUN! She has such an energetic personality and is full of joy.  She and her husband live an Off-Grid Lifestyle in the mountains and live a lifestyle I could absolutely see myself living.


Off Grid with Doug and Stacy

Doug and Stacy are will keep you laughing as they share what they do around their homestead to keep it running and keep themselves healthy.  Stacy is wealth of knowledge in nutrition and it is obvious that she is really passionate about sharing information with everyone that wants to listen.


Dirt Patch Heaven

Dirt Patch Heaven is a long time You-tuber.  She has some great content.  I personally like her older how-to videos better than more recent ones.  But they are worth the watch if you are interested in smale scale homesteading.

Mom new profile edit

The Fundemental Home

This family is fairly new to You-tubing and homesteading.  But it is pretty clear that they have been frugally living for quite some time.  If you have a large family, I would encourage you to check out her channel and see if there is something you can glean from them.

And speaking of BIG Families…

photo (1)

Big Family Homestead

This diverse channel has such a diverse topics, there is sure to be something for everyone.  If you need a little boost of energy, just watch this guy for a minute.  He is engaging and his wife seems to be as sweet as pie.

So there you have it.  My list of favorite You-tube channels.  Just click on the blue titles to go to their channels.  If you watch any of them, please make sure you subscribe or give a thumbs up.  You truly are helping these families put groceries on their table and it is costing you nothing!

Have fun, stay healthy and be blessed! – Staci


2 thoughts on “My Favorite, Fun, Entertaining & Homesteading You-Tube Channels

  1. Thank you for sharing these. It’s always interesting to learn how others make things work for their lifestyle. You’re never to old to learn something new ~ Kathie



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