Good Egg or Bad Egg

Who remembers in the movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”,  the “Good Egg/Bad Egg Scale” ?  One of my favorite parts of the movie as a child.  And, most of our facebook friends know that I like to post the “Good Egg Award” every now and again to someone that I think is deserving.

But when it comes to farming, homesteading or back yard chicken raising, there is no Good Egg/Bad Egg Scale.  We are diligent in collecting our eggs daily, so we know that every egg we collect is a good egg.  If you are less diligent, you (if you have a rooster) could end up with partially developed eggs and even without a rooster, you can have old eggs that are just inferior or worse…ROTTEN!  Let me assure you, no one wants a rotten egg.

Aren’t they pretty?!

So what happens when you discover a hiding place?  A rebellious hens hiding place.  A place that one or more hens have decided is much better than the wonderfully built hen house and nesting boxes.

The hiding place.

egg bush

Well… you very carefully start to collect what is there making sure not to drop any! In this case a few were cracked and those I threw to the ground.  The wild turkeys, wild birds or our own rebellious hens will find them and take advantage of the free meal and nutritious protien.

Just like an Easter egg hunt only… NOT!

I brought all of the whole eggs into the house to do the only thing that I really know how to do to figure out if they are still good or not.  The Water Test.  Take a look at the video and you will see one way to tell if they are Good Eggs or Bad Eggs.

So there you have it.  Good Eggs all the way around! If you know a different way to check, please leave a comment.  We have found that the homesteading/farming community has some of the very best and willing teachers out there.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!  And until next time, stay healthy and be blessed – the Farmers Wife




2 thoughts on “Good Egg or Bad Egg

  1. Hi Staci…. So which eggs are good, the ones that sit on their side in the water, or the ones that stand on end? Cheryl

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    1. Guess I should make that clear. 🙂 The good eggs are the heavy ones. So they will sink to the bottom of the water and in most cases, lay on their side. Even the ones that start tipping a little like ours did are still good. They are just older. If they tipped right up on end or if they started floating, I would toss them. They still may be edible, but for $0.25 for an egg, why take the chance? 🙂


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