About Jesse

This is Jesse.  He’s “the farmer” you’ll see mentioned in most posts.  He’s the human back hoe, excavator, motivator and spiritual strength (under God) behind this operation. He is the one who never stops working, thinking and believing that we can farm on this “not so farmable” land.  Jesse is the one that for 5 years, (up until we just recently bought our first tractor) has pushed round bales off a truck, pushed them down across the ice and snow to the pasture, pushed them through the mud in the spring and rolled them into the barn each time one had to be moved, by himself, by hand (and they’re heavy, trust me!).  His determination is overwhelming.
Jesse is a first generation farmer of this type.  His family generations ago farmed, but not his parents or grandparents.  This farming stuff has been a learn as you go, on the job training kind of a thing.  Jesse is a husband, a father and a pappy (or grandfather if you have never heard of a pappy).  He is a youth pastor and a man of God.  He is a hunter (and a good hunter) may I add. He is a trained meat cutter and an all around do it himself kind of a guy.  His mantra, “It is what it is” and that really sums up how Jesse lives his life.  He does what he needs to do, it might be hard, it might be easy, it might be enjoyable or it might not.  But if it needs to be done it will get done.
Jesse’s farm passion continues to grow as he and his wife help shape this hillside farm into their dream.  A place to live and a place to work.  A place to share with their children and grandchildren and a place to instill good work ethic and value into their lives, generations to come and visitors that stop in.
You’re apt to see Jesse in a pair of ripped up jeans and a t-shirt with a hole in it. (You can’t wear fashion clothes and shovel cow poop at the same time, it just doesn’t work!) He’s not here to impress anyone, but rather to live a life that is full and fulfilling.   If you stop in, and don’t see him around, take a listen.  If you hear the tractor he’s in it.  If you don’t, look a little further.  Your apt to see him shoveling, feeding, mucking or talking to to animals (it’s something we do).  And from time to time, you’ll catch him in a time of rest, reading the Word or just enjoying the peace of the farm.
jesse and hay

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