About Staci


This is Staci.  She is the farmer’s wife.  Staci is a hard working woman with a soft heart.  She is a wife, a mother, a G-ma or Gi-Gi, a percussionist and singer on the worship team, and an “I can figure it out” kind of a girl.  She is the helpmate to the farmer, and as such you will find her praying a lot (no joke!), fetching tools, praying some more, making nutritious healthy meals, running errands, sitting beside the farmer in the truck while he plows snow (still praying!), getting bales of hay, picking up cows or barnyard supplies… the list goes on.  It is in those times of sitting together with the farmer and sharing the duties of the farm that Staci loves the most.
Staci is frugal, crafty and a bit on the impatient side. If there is something that is used a lot on the farm and cost a bit of money, most generally, Staci will be trying to learn how to make it herself and do it in a more cost efficient way.  It’s fun for her and she is not afraid to try and fail. There has been a lot of failing, almost every day actually, but by the grace of God, what we put our hands to here either works, gets re-invented, re-formed or tossed to the side.  Life is too short to get stressed out about the easy stuff.  And Staci’s mantra that she’s told her daughters many times, “don’t worry about it until you know you have something to worry about, it’s a waste of time!” That and “it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do your best at it.”
If you stop in to the farm, your apt to find Staci in the kitchen.  Baking bread, making goats milk soap, soy candles, or preserving something.  These are all things that she loves to do.  They are learned skills that anyone can do and she would encourage you all to try and learn how to do something new, you may even see a blog post or two with step by steps.   It’s good for you!  She takes all these crafty things to the local Farmers Markets to sell during season. She can also ship things like soap and candles, even with custom scents (find more information on what’s in stock here).
If she’s not in the house, you may find her collecting eggs with one of her grandchildren, or feeding something.  One thing that never changes…someone or something is always hungry!  But if you don’t find her, know that she is doing something productive, not taking a nap – as nice as that sounds.

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